Do you live in a single-story home? Want to expand your home’s floor plan, but don’t have room on the lot for first floor additions? There’s always the possibility of a second story addition. While it can be an extremely expensive project, the benefits can well outweigh the costs. Here are the three main benefits of building a second story addition:

1)      The ability to design the space to your wants, needs, and desires

With a second story addition, you can design the new space in any way you wish. You can personalize the living space to meet your family’s needs, or do what many others are doing today and making the home’s design more universal. Aging-in-place is becoming a popular trend in home remodeling today. Also, universal design allows your home to give your family and whoever else may occupy the home in the future the chance at having a flexible home.

2)      Making changes to the first floor, while you’re at it

One of the greatest benefits to doing a second story addition is that because of the structural supports necessary to add a second floor, you’ll likely be making some substantial changes to the first floor. Since you’re already tearing the house apart, you can make changes during the project that done separately would cost considerably more.

Since you’re already altering the structure of your home significantly, it allows you to do many other projects simultaneously. These could include replacing windows or raising the ceilings of your entryway, living room, or kitchen. You can also make your home’s exterior stand out far more than it ever did before.

3)      Not having to move to gain more living space

This is probably the greatest benefit of adding a second story. If you live in a neighborhood that you like, it’s convenient for commuting, there’s a good school system for the kids, or any number of reasons, this is a great option. Already living in a convenient location is one of the best reasons to do a second floor addition.

While adding a second story requires a great deal of planning, a trusted and experienced design build remodeling firm will be able to help you visualize the various obstacles that may exist in your project, and provide you with ways to overcome them.