One great cabinetry line is Plain & Fancy Cabinetry. These cabinets can be completely customizable to fit your space, finish and organizational needs. Here are some of our favorite ways to customize cabinetry and improve overall functionality and organization!

Charging Drawers 

One of those things you will ask yourself how you lived without. A popular topic on Pinterest and it’s well worth the hype! Having one of these convenient charging drawers with the USB charging port inside the drawers eliminate having all those pesky cords on the counter. Having a charging drawer also helps from losing your charger, which we are all guilty of from time to time. 

Pots & Pans 

An exceedingly popular drawer type is the pots & pans drawer. This drawer comes with movable pegs, so your pans do not slip and slide all over the place. 

Island Storage

Who does not love a kitchen island? Now more than ever kitchen designers are creating even more storage space within islands. For example, microwave storage, beverage refrigerator, dishwasher, and drawers are now considered to go into the island itself. Leaving more cabinet space throughout their entire kitchen. 

Snack Storage

Objectively one of the most important types of storage in the kitchen is the snack drawer or a kitchen pantry! There are many options for how to conveniently store food. Pull out drawers in your pantry or cabinets are a great option for convenience, just give them a quick pull and you can see everything your kitchen has to offer.