If you have a small bathroom, renovating to make it feel bigger is likely high on your priority list. Small bathrooms can easily cause issues. But if they’re designed and built by the right contractor, they don’t have to. Here are some design options that can help make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Opt For a Comfortable Shower Stall Instead of a Bathtub Combo

If you don’t plan on soaking in the tub or bathing young children, a tub may not be the most necessary option. Besides, with innovations in shower stalls, such as comfortable seating, most people don’t have as much need for a bathtub as they may think. A shower stall can save space that can be used for something else and helps your bathroom look more spacious. Remember that your contractor may have access to supply warehouses you haven’t heard of.

Choose a Smaller Vanity; Avoid Bulky Countertops

While ample counter space is preferred in many
bathrooms, when space is limited, you may need to opt for a smaller vanity and countertop. If you really think about it, the countertop ends up being cluttered by messy items that could instead be stored more conveniently. This will not only add more space to your bathroom, but tidiness also helps make a small bathroom feel bigger. Countertops tend to take over a large amount of space that could be put to better use. Pedestal or wall-mounted sinks are an example of using less space, but still providing the needed functionality.

Consider Built-In Cabinetry

One of the best space savers in a small bathroom is to build cabinetry partially or even fully into the walls. This way you can maximize storage space while maximizing square footage. Built in storage can also be customized to your specific needs. They can be as simple as medicine cabinets to sizable linen cabinets to full-on built-in wall storage, and more. When you start from scratch, the possibilities are endless.

Avoid Floor-Level Stand-Alone Storage

Don’t put shelves or other storage items on the floor because it crowds up your bathroom. Instead use floating shelves or built in storage solutions. Over the toilet shelving or built-in shelving over the toilet area is another good solution. It makes use of the existing space without adding too much more bulk. That space would otherwise go to waste. Your bathroom trash can may even make a small bathroom feel smaller. Consider using a built-in pull-out style cabinet for your restroom trash. Who wants it out in the open anyway?

Use Mirrors to Create a Larger Feel

Mirrors have been used for centuries to expand the feeling of space in smaller spaces, especially in places like Private Offices or shared workspace. While putting mirrors over all of the walls would be going overboard, smart placement of mirrors can help a small bathroom feel far less claustrophobic. Facing mirrors across from each other creates the illusion of a bigger space. This is especially true if one is placed across from a mirrored medicine cabinet. If this isn’t possible, adding mirrors in other strategic locations can create a similar effect.