In this globalization era, everybody is required to save energy, especially when using electricity. Electricity is not an option, but it is a must that you have at home. You can use this power to make your house bright with some lightings. Somehow, if you do not use the right lamp or lighting options, it can waste energy and waste your money too. So, you are recommended to choose the most energy-efficient lighting options for your home. What are the most energy-efficient lighting options that are suitable for your home?

Incandescent lamps

This type of lamp uses a kind of filament inside a glass ball filled with nitrogen gas, argon, krypton, hydrogen and so on. Incandescent or commonly called bulb can last for 1000 hours or equivalent to 3-4 months of use with a 10-hour usage time. Many people choose this light it is quite economical and can save energy.

TL (Fluorescent) Lights

These lights, known as fluorescent lamps, have various forms. TL lamps are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs because they are brighter and can last up to 15,000 hours or it equals with 10 years of use while the price is 10 times more expensive than ordinary incandescent lamps. Now there are many TL lights appearing at lower prices but lower quality.

Halogen lamp

Type lights are usually used for spotlights, which are directed only to certain areas. This lamp is good for lighting illuminating art objects, garden lighting, ponds, and others. So, if you want to add some lighting decorations in your house, you can actually use this halogen lamp. Halogen lamp also comes with various colors and design.

LED lights

Although the price is relatively expensive, LED lights are the most energy-efficient lights among other lights. 4 watts LED lights with good quality to have the bright equivalent of a 25-watt incandescent lamp. The energy used is very small and can save more electricity than other models. The color of the LED lights is also diverse and can be tailored to your needs.

The Best Energy-Efficient Light

So, which one should you choose among those four types of lighting options for the most energy-efficient lamp? Well, if you are confused which lamp you need to choose, then we would recommend you o choose LED lamps. LED lamps are the most energy-saving lights that are used by many homeowners today. You only need a 4 watt Led light to make your living room bright. Somehow, LED light is relatively expensive if we compare it to Incandescent lamps. You can save your monthly bill with LED light. In addition, Led light can also last longer than a regular lamp. Not to mention, many LED light manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.

In conclusion, those are a few types of energy-efficient lighting options that you can choose. Somehow, you still have the best choice for your home lighting. The LED light is a good choice for the energy-saving light, but it is quite expensive. You can choose a Halogen lamp if you want to add lighting decorations to your house.