For most people, taking a shower is the only moment in the day they can have some time for themselves. Here, we sing, cry practice our speeches or review our days, hoping water wash away all our problems and doubts. It has also specifically proven that our minds are more receptive and at ease when we are showering. There are very cool products in the market right now that will make your time showing way more enjoyable and fun.

LED shower heads

You can now light up your shower with LED lights and make your showers more fun. They can in different colors. You can choose your favorite colors or even get one with all 7 colors of the rainbow. These showers come with led lights that are safe to use and they are powered by running water so do not need batteries at all. They are not expensive and they will make you feel happier and joyful after a nice warm or cool shower.

Showerhead Bluetooth speaker.

This is a great feature for the ones that enjoying singing in the shower or do not have the time to listen to their favorite podcasts. These showerheads include a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is placed directly into the showerhead so you will listen to your music or radio program, clearer than ever. This device is obviously waterproof and it can provide you up to seven hours of continues music. Of course, no one showers for that long but you can also take your speaker to any part of your house as it is removable.

Right temp technology showers

Who hasn’t been totally concentrated on their showers, listening to music or some interesting podcast when suddenly, you feel scalding or freezing water paralyzing your body. This usually happens when someone flushes a toilet near you. This is very unpleasant and totally ruins the experience and even makes you feel tenser. The right temp technology showers prevent all that from happening so it doesn’t matter what happens around you, it won’t ever affect the temperature of your shower. They also come with a high-temperature limit, to make completely sure you won’t get scalded.

Are they really necessary?

Not at all. You can definitely live without them and your life wouldn’t be affected by it. However, any of these showerheads will make your showering time more joyful and sometimes that is the only moment of the day that is remotely peaceful. There is nothing wrong with spoiled yourself and buy nice things that make you get in a better mood. Saying this, all of these showerheads most be used responsibly. This is, trying to use the least amount of water possible. It is recommended that showers take no more than 10 minutes. This seems like not enough time for enjoying all the wonderful things above but it really isn’t. Ten minutes and a completely different environment puts you in the right mindset for the rest of the day or to finally have a great night of sleep.