A tree removal company is a demanding and difficult profession. The main task of a tree removal company varies from pruning tree branches to removing tree branches from power lines or rooftop.  A tree removal company also provide dead tree removal as well as treatment for a tree with signs of decay or disease.

Similar to other service company, tree removal companies should have the right insurance to protect the company, owner, and also the worker. Not many people aware of this but tree removal service have a high risk of damage to property and also injury for the worker. This is because the work is associated with high trees, heavy tools, and such. Thus, a tree removal company should have the right insurance; here are some reasons why.

Damage cover

As aforementioned above, tree removal service has a high risk of property damage. In order to give protection from any damage or injury that someone may suffer as the result of the service, a removal company needs liability insurance. The insurance is the basic and all-encompassing insurance for literary any business owner.

If you have a tree removal company, there is a high chance that the service will cause damage to the surrounding building, car, and property due to fallen tree trunk or branches. Without liability insurance, your business can end up with a lawsuit because of the potential damages it causes. Plus, most states will not allow a tree removal company if it does not have proper liability insurance.

Company vehicle protection

The tree removal service can operate effectively with the right vehicle for transportation. Your tree removal company requires a specific vehicle with tree trimming tools and equipment. To protect the vehicle, you will need commercial auto insurance. The auto insurance will protect you from medical liability or lawsuit in case the vehicle involves in an accident. The insurance also helps make sure that your service will still operate even when you need equipment replacement or repair.

Worker protection

Most important of any business is the worker insurance. Most businesses understand that obtaining worker’s insurance is crucial. The insurance helps protect the worker in case of accidents and injury due to the work. So, the insurance will cover the medical expense and pay the worker’s salary while he cannot come to work. Even if you have one employee, make sure to check with the regulation in your state whether you should maintain worker’s insurance.

Protect the business

Another insurance that a tree removal company should invest is Employment Liability Insurance. This insurance protects the business and owner from litigation as the result of improper work behavior. The improper work behavior includes, but not limited to, discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination.

Having the proper insurance also levitates the level or trust. Most customers always consider the company’s insurance before hiring a tree removal company. They want to get protected as much as possible because tree removal work has a high risk of damage.