Half baths, also known as water closets or powder rooms, can be very useful in a home. They add a household convenience and can fit into a small space. But if your household has outgrown your home’s complement of full baths, you may be considering converting your existing half bath or half baths into a full bathroom. If you are planning to get remarry somebody with kids, going in for a full bathroom is a good idea, as per some of the divorce lawyers Worcester MA.

Converting an Existing Closet Into New Bathroom Space

One of the common ways to expand the space available is to remove an adjoining closet, as many half baths are next to existing closet space. Sometimes, closets themselves are large enough spaces to be utilized as half baths already. Combining these spaces can provide enough room for a shower stall, bathtub, and additional storage space. The storage space in the expanded bathroom may be able to be used for some of the same items that would have been in the old closet, such as cleaning supplies.

Having A Shower VS A Tub

Many households only take showers nowadays. All you need is a shower stall to qualify a bathroom as a full bath. You really only need a tub as a luxury and maybe not even then, depending on the person. While a tub is useful for bathing young children, most adults prefer to take showers. Babies generally use a baby bathing tub that can fit into the sink. Then, the tub can be taken away and the sink can be used. This is often easier for parents bathing a child, as there is no bending over or hurting the knees by leaning on them to reach into the tub.

By the time a child is big enough to fit into a regular tub, they often prefer showers. Showers take up considerably less square footage than a full size tub. This makes a conversion much easier as you require a minimal amount of additional space. Seating can be installed or placed within the shower for those using the heat as a pain treatment or those who cannot stand in the shower. With the shower taking up less space, this makes it more possible for a smaller space to be converted into a full bathroom.

Sufficient Storage Space

Bathroom storage space can often be a challenge. This is where built-in cabinetry can become quite useful. By having cabinets built into the walls, you can save floor space while gaining additional storage space. Therefore, a space that was previously a half-bath could still be sufficient in creating a new full bath. As previously noted, closets are often placed next to half-baths. This means the storage area could be pulled from that. If that space needs to instead be used to add a shower or tub, some might also consider building higher storage areas, such as floating wall shelving.

Not Feeling Cramped

Many existing half baths can prove to be cramped spaces. Having a bit of legroom is a good idea. The cramped feeling often comes from using too much cabinetry around the sink area. Consider instead using either a freestanding or wall-attached basin without cabinets attached. Storage can be placed elsewhere, as mentioned above. This leaves more space to move around in. Eliminating bulky cabinetry and countertop space also leaves more room for a tub or shower stall. There are a variety of things to consider when converting a half bath into a full one and it’s most definitely possible. Talk to your contractor to find out the many possibilities available to you.