Telecommuting has been around for many years. But, now, since the COVID pandemic has turned our world upside down, those who wouldn’t usually work at home are doing so. Many office companies and their workers are quickly finding out the benefits. Is telecommuting the future of office workers?


Save Money On Office Space Rental

Many industries are finding out they don’t need as much office space as they’ve used in the past. Some are foregoing an office completely. Since most office tasks are done via a computer, phone, or video, office workers can easily do their jobs from home. It costs the same for the company to supply essential business tools at a worker’s home as it does in an office building.


Eliminate Commutes And Associated Costs

Traveling to and from work can come with more costs than some may consider. There is the cost of gas if the office worker owns their own vehicle. Some workers may need fares for ridesharing, taxis, or public transportation. In addition, some households may be able to avoid daycare costs by staying at home. Vehicle wear and tear will be significantly less, which also results in savings.


Technology Has Simplified Virtual Conferencing

It is no longer essential to meet in person when holding business meetings, due to advances in technology. Tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Rooms allow groups of people to hold live meetings on video together. Everyone can hold the conversation in a location convenient for them.


Training Sessions Can Be Held Virtually

When office workers need to be trained but cannot do so in person, there are plenty of resources. Blackboard Collaborate and GoTo Webinar are just two of the several options available when presentations, training, and webinars are needed. A compatible device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone is all that’s required. Some software has built-in options for full courses, including tests and grading.


File Sharing Is Easier Than Ever

With tools like Google Docs and Zoho, office workers can telecommute easily. There is no need to be on in-office networks to collaborate on projects together. Files can be shared with specific people for privacy but also allow for easy collaboration. Notes can be made on files, chat can be held within a file, changes can be tracked, and multiple people can access or edit the same file. This eliminates the need for in-person discussion and saves money on expensive office networks.

Companies big and small are making the switch to telecommuting for these reasons and more It often saves everyone time and money, while offering greater convenience and peace of mind for workers. This in turn can lead to greater productivity. Telecommuting could very well be the future for office workers.