Have you been considering giving your front porch a facelift? Porch additions add not only curb appeal to your home, but add value to your home, as well. Whether you’re selling your home or staying for the long-term, porch additions are a great remodeling project when it comes to return on investment.

If you currently have a flat, boring entryway, adding a front porch entryway can give your home character. No matter which type of front porch addition you choose, it will be a good investment. There are different types of front porch additions. There are enclosed porches and open porches. There are also simple entryway additions, such as pediments, that can give your entryway a boost.

Adding an enclosed area to your porch adds usable square footage to your home. Whether you choose a contemporary, country, or some other style for your porch, you give your home an added dimension. Even if it’s not connected to the home’s heating and cooling system, an enclosed porch still gives you extra living space. This is invaluable when it comes to valuing your home, but it’s also great for having company over. An all-seasons porch is great, but even if it’s only good for half of the year, it’s still a big addition to your home.

Even a new porch that isn’t completely enclosed is still valuable in a number of ways. Just building a roof over your entryway, such as a gable roof complete with skylights, gives your home an extra bit of flair. Not only does it look good, but it makes your home stand out a bit more. You can also go a bit further with adding a seating area around the entryway.

All of these options enhance your entryway, which is a major boon to your home’s actual and perceived value.  While you’re creating your porch, you may want to add decorative planters as an accent to your entryway. You may also consider decorative pedestals as an elegant accent, if they match the style of your home.

There are so many options to expand and enhance your front porch. Whichever you choose, make sure that it looks like it was already always part of your home. You want the design to be consistent with the neighborhood and your home itself. Discuss the various options you like with your design-build contractor and you’ll find the best fit for a new front porch that works for you.