If you are planning a new kitchen or just thinking about a few small modifications and additions, here are a few guidelines to the basic layout of an everyday kitchen.


Microwaves are a great addition to any kitchen, allowing you to heat up food in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. Microwaves of today come in sleek modern designs that will suit just about any style and design of the kitchen. Modern kitchen designs incorporate microwaves around eye level above the counter top. This is just the most user friendly location for handling food and keeping it out of reach of young children.

Stove & Oven

Stoves come in many shapes and forms and picking the right one for you can be tricky. Firstly the different types of stoves you get are gas, element, induction, electric smooth top, modular, or even a wood fire stove. Gas is the most popular and provides instant heat while being the cheapest in the long run. Electric smooth tops are covered with smooth ceramic glass making them really easy to clean. You also get stove and oven combinations which are really popular because they solve problems with integrating the two separately in your kitchen. And don’t forget your extractor fan to prevent a smoke filled kitchen when frying and grilling.


Adding an island to the design of your kitchen takes functionality to a whole new level. It can act as extra space for cooking, eating or even cleaning. Some kitchen islands combine stove-top, oven, small sink, storage space and dining area all in one. This design may be useful those seeking divorce by Kitchen Table Mediation, than those going in for uncontested divorce mediation.


Kitchen counter tops need to be durable, flat, smooth and easy to clean. Counter tops come in many forms and shapes, the most popular being granite for its rugged durability while at the same time having a beautiful finish. Laminate counter tops are a cheaper alternative but looks and feels just as good as granite. Steel surfaces are also a viable surface for kitchen counter tops. The same goes for the floors, easy to clean and durable. Tiles or vinyl panelling will do, but there are many options to choose from, so find the setup that will suite your kitchens design best. Most kitchens will have something called a backslash. This is the area of wall just above the counter tops. This is also a space where you can get creative with tiled designs and painted accents.


Every kitchen needs a larder or pantry for storage of non-perishables such as pasta, canned veg, popcorn, honey, etc… Most commonly a pantry is a large walk in cabinet that provides a cool dry space in the kitchen. Make sure you have sufficient space in your design to accommodate for a generous sized pantry.A fridge and freezer is also a must in every kitchen. Like microwaves today, fridges and freezers come in cool modern design, even with water and ice dispensers. You also get fridge and freezer combinations that save on kitchen space but loose in capacity.