Now, for many people, a boat name is just a label. But, for others, it depicts the vessel’s personality and the owner’s love for it. So, even though it seems easy, boat names require careful consideration and thought. 

There is no denying the fact that naming a boat is serious business. After all, setting sail without a name plastered on the vessel is considered bad luck.

This is why we are here with some tips and ideas that will inspire you to come up with a unique name for your boat.

Play Around With Puns

Puns are a great way of using humor and coming up with a unique boat name that entices people to look twice and laugh. So, flex your nautical word muscles and name your boat with clever ocean, beach, or boat puns. 

Puns and double meaning words gives you ample room to exercise your creativity and use your sense of humor. Some examples of such boat names include Cool Whip, The Codfather, or Knot Guilty. For more inspiration you can check out boat websites and view their photos for more ideas!

Rack Your Brain For Some Clever Names

Do you want to stand out from other boat owners on the dock? Do you want to show them that you are a master seaman and know your way around a boat?

Then it would help if you came up with some iconic names that pique the interest of onlookers, leave a good impression, and reflect your personality. Some examples of clever boat names include Rogue Wave, Broad Reach, Dreamweaver, Escapade and more.

Associate The Name With A Feeling

Sailing a boat is all about blending with the wind and sea, becoming one with the boat’s heart and soul. It teaches courage to the boat owner and leaves him/her with peace and serenity that are some gifts no other sport offers. 

Boat names that depict the actual feeling of sailing a boat or what you feel as a boat owner certainly shows your love for boating. Popular examples include Serendipity, Relentless, and Liberty.

Make It Personal

Coming up with a name that reminds you of somebody or your interests tells your fellow boaters about you and your boat without ever trying to explain yourself or your personality. Think of something that perfectly encapsulates who you are as a person. Now, this could be a hobby or your profession.

Not only this, you can name your boat with the name of a person with whom you share a close bond or someone very dear to you. Even calling your boat after a deceased grandparent or relative is a common theme.

And if you are a jazz enthusiast, you can name your boat Melody of the Seas, or if you are a rock and roll fan, you can call it Rolling Stone or Albatross.

Use Humor

Get creative with your sense of humor and come up with fun names that can surely attract more eyeballs. This will show that you are a fun boat owner who knows how to enjoy sailing a boat or life for that matter. Also, it shows the onlookers that you are not concerned with what other people think about your boat or you, for that matter.

So, have fun and avoid clichés. Some examples of fun boat names include Oh My Cod, Shortshank Redemption, and Vagabond.


Now that you are in tune with some of the best ideas for naming your boat, you need to consider a few things as well. Come up with a name that is not too long or too hard to understand. Also, it would help if you saw how the name would sound over the radio.

Since boats take on the personality of the names they are christened with, it’s important to come up with a unique name that you won’t regret later.